Japanese Sotai Alignment Therapy in Vancouver BC Canada


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Sotai?
    Sotai is a therapeutic healing method that aims to treat body malalignment by 'comfortable positioning with gentle movements' which are enhanced by human's natural instinct. Sotai method is founded by a Japanese M..D. Keizo Hashimoto (1898-1993). Dr. Hashimoto spent over 50 years developing this unique natural healing method while researching many different types of alternative medicine available in Japan.

  2. What kind of qualification do you have?
    I am a registered Japanese Judo-seifukushi (National registration #37617).

  3. What is Sotai effective for?
    • Headache, migraine
    • Acute or chronic back pain, neck /shoulder pain and stiffness, frozen shoulders, sciatica, arthritis, neuralgia, general joint pain/stiffness/numbness
    • Back pain during pregnancy
    • Women's problems (menstrual pain, menopausal symptoms)
    • Physical and emotional imbalances
    • Sports injury, post injury rehabilitation
    • Body alignment (humpback, scoliosis, bowlegged and knocked-kneed)
    • Improvement of locomotive ability (congenital or acquired)
    • Sports performance enhancement
    • Relaxation and health maintenance
    • Preventive medicine (self Sotai exercises will enhance your natural healing power!)

  4. How is Sotai different from chiropractic?
    There are two big differences.

    1. Chiropractic is a therapy that mostly involves the mechanical manipulation of the spinal column in order to treat body malalignment, whereas the Sotai method aims to re-align the skeletal system by balancing the muscular system that supports the bone structures. The Sotai method can sustain correct spinal alignment relatively longer than a chiropractic treatment.

    2. Therapeutic effects of chiropractic largely depend on the skills and clinical experiences of the practitioner who mainly focuses on manipulating the bone structures. On the other hand, therapeutic benefits of the Sotai the patient will actively involve in the Sotai treatment. Its therapeutic benefits are easily achieved by the patient's 'comfortable positioning with gentle movements' which do not cause pain to restore body balance.

  5. How long does each Sotai session take?
    It takes about an hour for the first visit. From the second visit, it usually takes for 45 minutes including a body alignment check and a Sotai treatment.

  6. How much is per session?
    Each Sotai session costs C$70.

  7. I am busy. Can you keep one session short?
    The body needs some time to go through its healing process. It is possible to shorten a Sotai session, but the therapeutic effect will not be as great as a full Sotai session.

  8. I live far away from your clinic. Can you combine two sessions into one?
    A treatment longer than 45 minutes can have a reverse effect on the body due to overstressing the muscle tissues. For those people who live far away from our clinic, it would be recommended to arrange an accommodation nearby our clinic for three to four days, in order to receive a few Sotai sessions.

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