Japanese Sotai Alignment Therapy in Vancouver BC Canada



About the bio-energetic therapy by the NES System (Nutri Energetics Systems)

  • Special promotion! You get a free scan for the first time + 50% off (+GST) after the second time during the special promotion.
    (Regular rate is $80 (+GST) for a scan by the NES ProVision including consultation based on the scan result.)
  • You also get a special discount for NES Inforceuticals! Only $25 (+GST) per bottle during the promotion. In one protocol, three to four NES inforceuticals are normally recommended. (Regular price is $30 (+GST) per bottle of the NES inforceutical.)
  • We try our best to explain the scan result during the consultation time.
    But we can also produce a detailed report on the scan result at a special discount rate $20 (+GST).(Regular report fee is $40 (+GST).)
  • Please read the section of NES Health carefully before you make an appointment.
  • Please be aware that the NES System is not a form of the western medicine. The NES System is based on the bio-energetic medicine; therefore, no health insurances will apply to the therapy.
  • Please note that our Sotai treatment packages cannot be used for the bio-energetic therapy by the NES Health.
  • For an appointment, please call us at 1-604-873-2341 anytime between 10am and 7pm everyday except Sundays!
  • You can also make an appointment online by clicking → ONLINE FORM and fill out the necessary information in the new window.

We have moved to new location!

Our new location is

#112-2096 W 41st Ave, Vancouver BC, V6M 1Y9

We'd like to introduce our new packages available from November 2007.

  • 5 sessions Special Package $300 + GST (expires in 1 year)
  • 10 sessions Special Package $500 + GST (expires in 3 years)
  • 10 sessions Family Package $600 + GST (expires in 3 years)
  • One Sotai session is $70 + GST.

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