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NES Professional System

★NES is a UK born bio-energetic health screening system. (This technology is much more advance compared with HADO Astrea system we used in the past.)
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WHY we need to use NES Health?

  • Because it simply scans your body in just 15 seconds for a detailed analysis addressing the critical health factors (information, energy and physiology), and it allows you to review up to 150 systems and subsystems of the human body field.
  • The NES system is beneficial for you also because it addresses physical and emotional issues by holistic approaches with NES Infoceuticals – liquid remedies which directly pinpoint and correct distortions in the human body field.
  • Bio-energetic therapy by the NES system is highly recommended for those who have tried various treatment approaches (including the western medicine, acupuncture, Chinese herbal remedy, homeopathy, naturopathy, chiropractic, physiotherapy, counselling etc.) but haven't quite seen the expected results.
  • Bio-energetic therapy by the NES system is effective for chronic symptoms – many of which occur due to unknown causes.
  • The NES system is also effective as “total detoxification”. It can cleanse various toxins out of the body by holistic approach.
  • Detox methods by the NES system are very simple – taking the NES Infoceuticals once a day, or treating the body with a bio-energetic device called the NES miHealth.
  • Scan your body by the NES ProVision regularly! So you can see improvement of your health visually!!

To restore and maintain the fullest expression of health, you must care for both your physical body and your energetic body-field. You can take pharmaceuticals, supplements, herbs and other treatments to affect your biochemistry, but if you don’t correct the root causes of biochemical imbalances—the underlying energetic and informational breakdown—then you may not experience lasting health. Lab tests can analyze your biochemistry, but only a NES scan can provide an accurate and comprehensive analysis of the state of your body-field.

The NES Health approach to wellness is a unique and revolutionary concept. In the NES scientific model, the body is a combination of physical, chemical, emotional, mental, energetic and memory aspects. NES Health is a true holistic restorative and maintenance system that works at all these levels.

The NES Health is the first and only instrument capable of accurately describing a full range of information about the location and causes of ill health. It allows the practitioner to get to the root causes of illness and can find factors that even the most sophisticated and expensive laboratory and imaging tests may not detect. All this is done rapidly and non-invasively.

Additionally, it can provide precise information about the specific infoceuticals needed to repair the body’s bioenergy field, bringing the body back towards optimal functioning, healing and well-being. It is a uniquely profound and effective system.

Thousands of people worldwide are using NES to enjoy expanded levels of vitality and to help restore and maintain greater levels of emotional and physical well-being.

NES Health is at the forefront of independent research into the human body-field - the energy and information field of the human body. In the NES scientific model, the body is a combination of physical, chemical, emotional, mental, energetic and memory aspects, all of which are governed by the human body-field (HBF), which acts as a master control mechanism.

This revolutionary research reveals the structure and workings of the human body-field. NES is an engineered ground breaking technology for analyzing the human body-field. The NES Professional software® and Infoceuticals® allows us to not only detect distortions in the energetic fields of the body but also to impact correction to these problems once they are located.

Thousands of healthcare professionals and practitioners across the globe are using NES to compliment their main therapies. They report significant success in helping people to maintain and achieve a greater level of well-being.


The Story of How It Started


NES Health began its journey 13 years ago with a humble question...

How can we help someone heal if he's too sick to get out of bed?

This was Harry Massey, our founder's, question back in 2000. Harry was suffering from severe chronic fatigue syndrome which left him bed-ridden for seven long years.


He had tried every kind of conventional and alternative healing approach he could find but nothing had given him a permanent cure.

Then, as a result of his own research, he met a visionary scientific thinker named Peter Fraser.

That was when everything changed. Peter was an acupuncture expert who had spent more than 20 years researching what he called the 'human body-field' and developing remedies based on it.

Harry volunteered to try them and, amazingly, over the next two years was able to make a full recovery.

Peter and Harry began working together, combining Peter's stunning research with Harry's entrepreneurial skills and remarkable technological insights.

They founded NES Health (then called Nutri-Energetics Systems) to develop practical applications based on this new understanding of the information and energy that make up the body field.

Together they created the world's first practical clinical system for 'reading' the body field and then correcting it - NES ProVision and a range of NES Infoceuticals.

Since then, we have continued to innovate new healthcare solutions and technologies, including the first-ever handheld healthcare device that allows healthcare practitioners to remove distortions in a client's energy pathways and stimulate trigger points to bring the body back to its natural oscillation.


Because of NES Health's origins in serious chronic illness, we understand the pain and misery that being unwell can cause. We understand the frustration that comes from being unable to understand why you're unwell, let alone begin to tackle it.

This is why we're so passionate about changing the way healthcare works.

We're tired of seeing people who have suffered for years with chronic debilitating illness or unexplained conditions.
We're tired of hearing about incurable conditions when there are actually viable alternative solutions.
We're tired of being told that DNA and biochemistry are what control our bodies and there is nothing we can do if we are predisposed to a certain condition.
Our experiences, our research and the hundreds of testimonials we've received have convinced us that we are entering a revolution in healthcare.

We believe the energy and information of the human body field is what controls our body's health and its behaviour.
We believe that people should be in charge of their own health.
We believe healthcare is on the brink of a revolution.
Our mission is to make that a reality for everyone who needs it.


WHAT is NES Health?

NES Health is the culmination of 30 years of research into the human body-field by Australian Peter Fraser, a former professor of acupuncture and practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, and Harry Massey, a British visionary and entrepreneur.

In his research, Fraser uncovered a structured system of dynamic energy and information fields that inform the physical body and regulate physiology.

This is the human body-field. Fraser has been able to correlate thousands of body-field functions to the physical body, achieving the first true integration of traditional Chinese medicine with modern biology, anatomy and physiology.

An outgrowth of the research is NES ProVision—a powerful new approach to addressing health concerns.

  • What Is NES ProVision?

NES ProVision stands alone in its theory, application and clinical efficacy.

NES ProVision is a comprehensive assessment software that probes the human body-field and identifies bio-energetic and bio-informational distortions and blockages that may correlate to physical and emotional concerns.

The assessment determines the severity of distortions and the priority for correction. Correction is achieved through a line of liquid remedies called the NES Infoceuticals.

What sets apart NES ProVision from other bioenergetic technologies is its amazing level of specificity.

Fraser has mapped thousands of correlations between body-field dynamics and physiological functions.

For example, according to acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, the Liver Meridian has an internal channel that connects to the eye.

Fraser’s research, however, shows that the Liver Meridian communicates only with the retina and iris. You won’t get this kind of detailed correlation between the bioenergetics body and the physical body anywhere else.

Fraser also discovered that the body-field has a highly ordered structure that must be both read and corrected in a specific sequence in order to achieve lasting clinical results.

NES ProVision is the only system that incorporates this important sequencing information into its software.

  • What is the Human Body-Field?

Frontier science is proving that there is a regulating field of energy that operates below cell level – at the quantum level.

This regulating field of energy, we refer to as the human body-field. It is the master control system for the physical body - regulating all the information our DNA, cells, tissues and organs need to work correctly.

The human body-field is made up of pathways along which information flows to the more than 50 trillion cells in the body.

The root causes of physical problems are distortions and blockages in the body-field caused by: stress, toxins, electromagnetic influences, emotional issues, environmental influences, micro-organisms and allergens.

Restoring the Body-Field with the NES Infoceuticals

  • There are six kinds of Infoceuticals: Big Field Aligners, Energetic Drivers, Energetic Integrators, Energetic Terrains, Energetic Stars and Brain Holograms. Each Infoceutical is designed to correct a specific type of body-field distortion.
  • Your NES practitioner will explain how to take the Infoceuticals: in what order, how many drops, and how often. It is important that you follow these instructions because at the energetic level there is a preferred sequence to healing. Your Infoceutical protocol will follow the ideal sequence for your body.
  • The Infoceuticals are taken as drops in liquid, preferably water, at least two minutes apart. It is okay to space the Infoceuticals out over the course of the day.
  • Do not mix different Infoceuticals together in the same glass of water.
  • Always recap the bottle after using an Infoceutical to prevent contamination. Store the Infoceuticals in the refrigerator to best preserve them.
  • NES Infoceuticals are not homeopathic remedies, so there is no problem taking them with coffee, mint, or any other food, herb, or supplement.
  • NES Infoceuticals are comprised purely of information. They are not chemical in nature, so you can take them even while you are taking pharmaceuticals, herbs, supplements, or other health and nutrition products.
  • Your body-field is dynamic, always recording what is happening to you. Therefore, each scan will reveal new information about your body-field, and so you may need different Infoceuticals.
  • As you take the Infoceuticals, over time you will be correcting deeper “layers” of body-field distortions so that ultimately you can achieve long-term well-being.

The Infoceuticals are working in concert with your body’s own self-healing intelligence, so your experience of them will be individual. If you have questions as you take the Infoceuticals, talk with your NES practitioner.



The NES miHealth is a powerful hand-held device that is non-invasive and effective for releasing energy blockages, as well as for addressing common complaints.

As part of our Total WellNES System, you can use miHealth in-office during a client session to release any blockages or trigger points identified during the ProVision scan (the software will recommend specific therapy functions).

This prepares the body and its channels for receiving new information and nutritional building blocks via the at-home infoceutical and NEStrition regimen your client will be taking.

How the NES miHealth works

miHealth retrains your body and stimulates healing by communicating specifically with the parts of the body with which it is in contact. The device does this primarily by sending ultra-weak electrical signals, to the spot it is in contact with, and then “listening” to the body’s response from those signals.

The goal is to get your body’s energy flow back to operating with maximum efficiency. Because the body can easily get trained into “patterns” where the energy becomes sluggish or stuck, rejuvenating the body’s energy flow is critical — not just to release any stuck patterns, but also to clear the way for new information and healing messages that can re-train the body into patterns of health and wellness.

This is why we deliver miHealth therapies to clients before they begin their infoceutical and NEStrition protocols.

In essence, the NES miHealth speaks the human body’s language, producing electrical impulses that direct the body to the source location of energy blockages opening up the energetic pathways, stimulating the trigger points and bringing the body back to its natural osciallations and preparing it to receive the new Information from the NES Infoceuticals or NEStrition foood supplements.

The Infoceuticals reimprint the body-field back to its original blueprint providing new, and corrected, Information whihc in turn help the body to 'remember' issues that it may have “forgotten” (i.e. information has become distorted and the origin of the physical challenge has therefore been lost).

The miHealth, therefore, prepares the body-field for the Reimprinting and Rebuilding stages of the the Total WellNES system, allowing the body to then better heal itself because it can now remember the location of the problem, as well as the problem’s cause or origin (which may be in a different location within the body).

The miHealth also has a direct biochemical effect via the C-fibers, a particular type of nerve that accounts for about 85% of all nerves in the body. They are known to stimulate the production of neural and other types of peptides that mediate pain reduction and stimulate tissue repair. These fibers react most readily to electro-stimulation, which the miHealth provides.

Another unique feature of the NES miHealth is that you can use each of its functions in both on-body or off-body (broadcast) mode. That way, no matter what unique constellation of symptoms or complaints your client has, you can fully control the intensity of the therapy.

Advantages of the NES System:

[check]It can be beneficial for chronic symptoms with unknown causes.
[check]Unlike the western medical approaches, the NES System is bio-energetic therapy based on the concept of QED (Quantum electrodynamics) with relatively small side effects.
[check]Lifestyle related conditions, chronic health issues and obstinate symptoms can benefit from the NES System both for treating and preventing energetically.
[check]Scanning by the NES System requires only 15 seconds and it is totally non-invasive.
[check]The scan result provides illustrations and charts, which make you easily understand your energetic state and focus on the important health issues.
[check]Anyone who is six years old and above can receive bio-energetic therapy by the NES System.
[check]Therapy by the NES System does not conflict with the western medical drugs, Chinese herbal medicines, dietary supplements or homeopathic remedies.
[check]Therapy by the NES System is very simple and comfortable. It requires you to take energetic remedies called Infoceuticals only once a day, or/and receive a gentle massage-like therapy just for 10 minutes by a device called NES miHealth.
[check]An holistic detox can be achieved by the NES System. By expelling unwanted substances or toxins out of the body, various health issues can be improved. Therapies by the NES System can send the body energetic information and urge it to promote an optimal detoxification.
[check]The NES System scans not only the physical state but also the mental state in order to address the health issues with a “body-mind approach”.
[check]The NES System is compatible with various alternative medicines including acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, chiropractic, Sotai therapy, Shiatsu and massage etc.

Please read the following carefully

×Scan by the NES System cannot be conducted during pregnancy, breast-feeding, as well as for those with artificial cardiac pacemaker or other implanted electronic devices. Children under the age of five also cannot receive the scan.
×Chronic conditions, intractable symptoms, or lifestyle related health issues can be largely affected by thoughts of the individual. Negative thoughts can be an obstacle of health improvement and often prolong the course of treatment.
×It is very important that the NES System can only be effective when lifestyle is also reviewed and improved.
×For an optimal effect, Infoceuticals should be taken according to the instructions.
×The NES System does not take the Western medical approach. For those individuals who wish to obtain diagnosis, please seek medical advice.

NES Heath has been effective in supporting people with many heath concerns including

[check]Problems with mental clarity
[check]Fatigue (energy issues including chronic)
[check]Memory issues
[check]Insomnia (difficulties with deep restful sleep)
[check]Nerve damage
[check]Repressed and blocked emotions
[check]Irritable bowel disorder
[check]Dermatitis/Eczema/skin rashes
[check]Multiple Sclerosis
[check]Food sensitivities
[check]Blood sugar regulation issues
[check]Hypothyroid issues
[check]Reduction of pain
[check]Difficulties with nutrient absorption
[check]Digestion problems
[check]Immune and defense systems regulation
[check]Hormone balance
[check]Body weight issues (normalization of body weight)
[check]Blood sugar regulation issues

HOW Does NES ProVision Work?

The ProVision scan is quick, easy, safe and non-invasive. A client simply places a hand on an input device - similar to a computer mouse - and within seconds the software returns more than 150 results about the body-field and its correlations to the physical body in anatomically correct and detailed graphical representations. These results include:

  • Major organs and organ systems
  • Environmental influences, such as toxins and electromagnetic fields
  • Nutritional influences
  • Musculoskeletal system
  • Emotions, including trauma and shock
  • Body-field structures, including:
    • Energetic Drivers—the fields that power the organs and organ systems
    • Energetic Integrators—the channels that regulate information transfer within the body-field
    • Energetic Terrains—the energetic environments that correlate to emotions and encode healing messages for the body-field and body
    • Energetic Stars—the multifaceted energetic pathways correlated to metabolism and the “survival” instinct of the body
    • Brain Holograms—the brain’s holographic field that is affected by emotional traumas

Scan your HBF (human body field) – it's process


By simply placing your palm on NES miHealth, it takes only 15 seconds to automatically scan 150 systems and subsystems of the human body field. The detailed and accurate analysis will display on the computer screen immediately, allowing you to visually learn the scan result.


In the result screen you will find bar charts indicating the state of HBF in each category. The bars will be shown with five different colours according to priority of the energy strength.

There are a total number of 10 scanned categories, and each category will provide you with detailed analysis. Based on this, we will address the important health issues and advise you with treatment approaches.

The scanned data can be accumulated for five sessions and compared with the past result. The results also can be printed out.

Click to watch the big picture in the pop-up window

The NES System provides liquid remedies called Infoceuticals, which will be selected automatically by the system depending on health issues.

Each infoceutical is an energetic remedy so it can also be taken safely for those people with sensitivity as well as for children.


Click to watch the big picture in the pop-up window

A protocol of Infoceuticals is regularly recommended to take every 2 to 4 weeks each to change.

The NES System aims to provide the Human Body Field; it does not aim to provide any diagnosis or medical treatments.

The Scanning Screen's Details

Earth Field Alignment
Click to watch the big picture in the pop-up window

This screen reports on the body's alignment with Earth's three "big fields". These are significant energy fields produced by the Earth that correspond with gravity, the magnetic poles and the equator (90 degrees to the magnetic poles). Body misalignment with these fields is associated with some health issues and restricts the body's ability to adapt and change back to a heal their state of being. This screen also reports on the integrity of the body's electromagnetic polarity . Both the big fields and polarity are priority areas to be addressed with NES protocols.
Earth Field Alignment

Energetic Drivers(ED)
Click to watch the big picture in the pop-up window

This screen reports on the integrity of the body's 16 Energetic Drivers (EDs). According to bioenergetic theory the Human Body Field (HBF) is responsible for overall coordination of physical, chemical, neural and energetic activity within the body. For the HBF to do this work correctly it needs to be energised and this is the job of 16 Energetic Drivers.
Energetic Drivers(ED)

Energetic Integrators(EI)
Click to watch the big picture in the pop-up window

According to bioenergetics theory the Human body- field (HBF) is responsible for overall coordination and regulation of all physical, chemical, neural and energetic activity within the body. To perform this coordination and regulation role the body field divides into 12 energy compartments known as Energetic Integrators (EIs).
Energetic Integrators(EI)

Energetic Terrains(ET)
Click to watch the big picture in the pop-up window

Energetic immunity provides protection against whole families of viruses, bacteria and funguses. High ET readings may indicate part of the energetic immunity is distorted and not functioning correctly and this could result in increased susceptibility to infection. High ET readings may be the result of a previous infection by the associated microbes which may have left an energetic imprint resulting in distortions in the ET field.
Energetic Terrains(ET)

Energetic Stars(ES)
Click to watch the big picture in the pop-up window

The body provides itself with mini information networks which function as sub-systems of the more complex Big Body Field and act as metabolic pathways governing energy usage . These subsystems are known as Energetic Stars.
Energetic Stars(ES)

Environmental Toxins
Click to watch the big picture in the pop-up window

This screen reports on the body’s ability to deal with the impact of environmental factors. The NES screening process detects functional damage to the body field related to specific and general groups of environmental toxins. It does not indicate that the physical toxins are present but that the energetic damage associated with toxins are present.
Environmental Toxins

Click to watch the big picture in the pop-up window

This screen reports on the functional integrity of the body’s field in relation to the absorption, regulation and metabolism of nutrients. This report does not directly indicate nutritional level issues it more indicates the body’s functional ability to assimilate, manage and use nutrients effectively.

Click to watch the big picture in the pop-up window

This screen reports on physical shocks recorded in the body field. This most commonly corresponds to physical shocks and/or pain that have been or are currently being experienced.

Click to watch the big picture in the pop-up window

This screen reports on the relative priorities of the SMFs as determined by the ProVision scan and is designed to be used in conjunction with the SMF functions on the miHealth device.

Emotion Screen
Click to watch the big picture in the pop-up window

This screen fives a summary of the indicators for the mind aspect of the NES scan. The sub reports (accessible from this screen) give details of: core beliefs, emotions, shock/conflicts, creative cycle, metaphysical links and states.
Emotion Screen

Core Emotion
Click to watch the big picture in the pop-up window

The indicators on this page identify where issues exist with core emotions at the time of the NES scan.
Core Emotion

Core Belief
Click to watch the big picture in the pop-up window

The indicators on this page identify where issues exist with core beliefs of the client at the time of the NES scan.
Core Belief

ED Creative Cycle
Click to watch the big picture in the pop-up window

The process of moving through life can be likened to a creative journey in which a series of events manifest along the way.
ED Creative Cycle

Shock Confrict
Click to watch the big picture in the pop-up window

This screen indicates the requirements for the Brain Hologram Infoceuticals for aiding with resolving past shock/conflict situations.
Shock Confrict

Brain Stem Hologram(BSH)
Click to watch the big picture in the pop-up window

For the integration of Brainstem, Heart and Matrix.
Brain Stem Hologram(BSH)

Cerebellum Hologram(CH)
Click to watch the big picture in the pop-up window

For the integration of Cerebellum, Heart and Matrix.
Cerebellum Hologram(CH)

Cerebral Medulla Hologram(CMH)
Click to watch the big picture in the pop-up window

For integration of Cerebral Medulla, Heart and Matrix.
Cerebral Medulla Hologram(CMH)

Cerebral Cortex Hologram(CCH)
Click to watch the big picture in the pop-up window

For integration of Cerebral Cortex, Heart and Matrix.
Cerebral Cortex Hologram(CCH)

EI Emotion
Click to watch the big picture in the pop-up window

The Energetic Integrators (EI) provide the human body-field integrating pathways between the physical, chemical, emotional and energetic aspects. This report screen details the emotional states association with each EI.
EI Emotion

Metaphysical Body
Click to watch the big picture in the pop-up window

This screen gives a synopsis of common metaphysical associations between emotional/psychological considerations and the physical body. This screen should be used for general purposes only and does not represent original NES research.
Metaphysical Body
Cervical Spine

About Practitioner

Koshi Ozaki

Director of Sotai Canada
Registered Judo-Seifuku-shi (certified by the Japanese government #37617)
Ceritified Sotai practitioner and International NES practitioner
For detailed information, please click the “Practitioner

To make an appointment

1. By phone → We are open 10:00 am to 7:00 pm everyday except Sundays. For your appointment please call us at 1-604-873-2341.

2. ONLINE FORM → Please click Online Form and fill out the necessary information.


Hear what Healthcare Practitioners are saying about NES Health

Here's what some medical and alternative health practitioners think about NES Health, our Total WellNES System and its component health products:

“I have incredible devices in my clinic, but I am especially excited about this one [miHealth]. It’s amazing.”
Catherine Willner, M.D. Neurologist & Chief Medical Officer, Nura Life Sciences Corporation

“I like the accuracy, the effectiveness and the simplicity, but most of all I like the safety. The safety factor is huge. There are no side effects to the Infoceuticals.”
Ron Minson NES Practitioner

"The NES miHealth allows me to work on many different levels. The 'Inner Peace' cycle has been very effective - allowing my clients to 'unwind' and relax, which has resulted in a deeper response when used alongside the NEr ProVision."
Maggie Lewis, Practitioner, UK

"Probably my greatest NES testimony is a client that had a severe auto-immune disease and after being on NES for less than two years she no longer takes medication, is able to work and has a normal life and best of all her Doctor gave her a clean bill of health."
Deborah Holt, Experienced nutritional counsellor and NES Practitioner

“On the first day [of using NES ProVision], I saw the accuracy of it and was ecstatic. It’s non-invasive, immediate, and extremely comprehensive.”
Jason Siczkowycz ND Certified NES Practitioner

"I have been working with the NES miHealth for the last two months - and the reaction from my clients has been overwhelmingly positive. And interestingly, since I've started using the device, a lot of new clients have come to my practice asking for a session with the NES miHealth, having heard about their good results from family and friends".
Rian Bruijne van Dorst, Practitioner, Netherlands

What Clients and Patients are saying about NES Health

We'd like to share just some of the feedback and comments we have received from clients who have experienced healing with their NES Health Practitioner.

"NES is very accurate, I could feel a shift immediately. I'm a lot happier and it's a lot more fun living my life this way."
John Fuhler, suffered from insomnia

"Within the first month I was a different person. I just felt so much more confident. I eat normally now."
Lynn Martin, long-term IBS sufferer

"Within two weeks I wasn't tired all the time and I keep on seeing improvements every time I see my practitioner."
Katie Schmidt, suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

"I'm normally a highly strung person but NES Health helps me to get into balance a lot more quickly. I'm not so stressed anymore. I feel comfortable now and I am a much calmer person than I used to be."
Ann Lohrmann, suffered from high levels of stress

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