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Koshi Ozaki

Koshi Ozaki
Sotai Practitioner
Registered Japanese Judo-seifukushi
(National registration #37617)

International NES Practitioner
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Having practiced Sotai for over 20 years, Ozaki's first experience with the Sotai method goes back early to his teens. He spent his boyhood in and out of hospital struggling with an obstinate disease, and eventually was given up by his western doctors. However, his mother's desperate search for an effective remedy for her son, led him to the fateful encounter with the Sotai method, which miraculously saved his life.

By the time he decided to become a Sotai practitioner in his thirties, his mother was already well known as a Sotai practitioner in Japan. In order to deepen his understanding of the Sotai method, he has also studied other techniques including Cranio-sacral treatment, Mitsuva technique, Shaolin qi-gong, as well as other various alternative healing methods available in Japan.He worked as the assistant director at his mother's Sotai clinic in Iwate prefecture in Japan until he came over to Vancouver in April 2002. Having fallen in love with the local people and its nature, he made a decision to open his own Sotai clinic in Vancouver. His dream is to raise an awareness about Sotai as a great way for people to enhance their own natural healing power.

Tseng Lihsia

Lihsia Tseng R.Ac.
BC Registered Acupuncturist
(License #FA02351)
TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Herbalist
Bioenergetic Therapist
Nutritional Adviser

After her experience in the airline industry for more than a decade, Lihsia left her much familiar industry to become a natural therapist.
This decision was made after her full recovery by the natural remedies, from her long-standing atopic eczema since her childhood.
She became fascinated by the natural medicine and decided to study the traditional Chinese medicine including acupuncture and herbology.
During her TCM years, she encountered the Sotai therapy introduced by Koshi Ozaki who was then planning to launch his clinic in Vancouver.
Whilst learning the Sotai method from Ozaki, she helped him with the startup of Sotai Canada as his assistant.
In pursuit of her profound understanding in the natural therapy, she further studied the vibrational medicine, homeopathy, Reiki, and cranio-sacral therapy.
She believes she can help people who wish to heal by natural therapies because she too once was a suffering patient who has regained her health by natural ways.

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