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Age: 29 years old
Occupation: Outdoor Guide
Injury history:
1. fell from the 1st story at the age of 2 or 3, leading to a possible back fracture.
2. fell from the tree when he was 12 years old, causing broken ribs.


Jerome before #1
As you can see in this photo, this patient's spine (red line) is not aligned with the correct midline (white line). Consequently his head is deviated from the midline, and his left shoulder is much higher than his right shoulder.

Jerome after #1
After only one Sotai treatment, his spinal alignment is mostly corrected.
His head is on the midline and his shoulders are leveled.

In the next photos, this patient keeps his eyes closed while raising both of his arms.
He stops his movement when he feels both arms are leveled with his shoulders.
In this experiment, the practitioner checks the muscular flexibility of the patient's shoulders.
In many cases, patients raise their arms either too high or too low due to loss of flexibility in the shoulder muscles.


Jerome before #2
The patient stops his movement at the level way below his shoulders.
Loss of flexibility in his shoulder muscles makes him unable to sense the correct shoulder line.

Jerome after #2
After one Sotai treatment, he has restored flexibility of his shoulder muscles.
This time, he raises and stops his arms at the same level as his shoulders.

Takako Sato

Takako Sato Interview
Age: 35
Address: Vancouver, BC
Occupation: Hotel Clerk, Tour Planner and Manager
I am a health freak and I try anything that would be good for health at least once. I go to modern and jazz ballet class twice a week. Also, I walk for 20-30 min on weekdays whenever I have time and 1 to 1 and a half hours on the weekend. Recently, my new hobby is to go to Hot Yoga once a week.

  • What is the reason for coming to this studio?
    Approximately 3 years ago, I started to have pain in my neck and shoulders. Over the first 2 years, the symptoms became worse and I could not even support my neck anymore. I had to take a month off from work and also went to physiotherapy and massage frequently. I was going to 2 kinds of physiotherapy that my family doctor had recommended. One used machines to stimulate and warm up my body and the other one used hand-healing power to warm up the nervous system by using a soft touch technique. I noticed some effects but the condition didn't improve much. Then about 10 months ago, I was rear ended while driving and ended up with whip-lash. I had to take time off frequently and limit myself from working. That is when my family doctor recommended Sotai.
  • In your opinion, what is the difference between Sotai and other treatments you have gone through such as Physio and Massage?
    I believe Physio and Massage works but the main difference is the Sotai concept of adjusting overall body balance. I think this concept makes a lot of sense. Starting the treatment by adjusting the pelvis is a good idea since the pelvis is the base of the human body.
  • What do you think about Self Exercises that we instruct after every treatment session?
    Lately, I have trouble with my hips because of my age but Self Exercise helps it go away. As long as I continue working at the computer, there will always be trouble with my neck and shoulders, so Self Exercise has become a necessity in my everyday life.
  • How much coverage did you receive from ICBC after the accident?
    Main focus on this case was wheather if ICBC was going to accept this case because it was such a slow rear ending. Normally, it doesn't get coverd but been going to physhio and massages due to my neck and shoulders problem has been added to case, so treatment fee after the accident was insured. After the accident, I only went to Sotai and stopped going to physio and massages. Still, all the treatment fee was covered. Of course I had to get ICBC to understand what Sotai Treatment is like by sending Sotai Boucher.
  • What do you think of Sotai Treatment after the accident?
    Compare to Physio and Massages, recovery was so much faster. However, due to work at computer, my problem with neck, shoulders and hip aren't completely gone.
  • Please give a message to people who do not know Sotai.
    Instead of working on the affected area, it is important to adjust whole body. Even for those who claim themselves to be healthy, in long run, daily whole body adjustment is crucial. In Sotai treatment, you can also learn to adjust your own body. At the end, it痴 most ideal to take responsibility of your own body and Sotai makes it possible.

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